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I am an astrologer, tarot card reader, medium, kundalini yogi, and certified life coach. I fully believe in everyday magic and my journey into this beautiful world started with astrology.  It’s an incredible tool, a never-ending study of planets, people, history and current research. It’s consciousness unfolding, mixes observation with intuition, mathematics with creative expression, and free will with a universal will. I was secretly studying the stars since I was young but when my Saturn Return came around everything began to shift.

I have two B.A. degrees, the first in philosophy/art history and the second in psychology. My goal was to become a professor but during my kundalini yoga teacher training I realized I had a different path to walk and slowly embraced my calling. My use of cards and other forms of divination strengthened as I began to uncover my strong connection to this work through many akashic records, past life, and in-between life readings. My purpose this time around is to assist others in rediscovering their spiritual self while helping them to better understand their past, present, and future.

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