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30 mins $50



An Astrology reading uses the position of the planets at the moment you were born to gain clarity into your life path, karmic challenges, innate strengths, and future potential. Your birth chart is one of the most important spiritual tools available to you, enabling you to better understand yourself, your relationships, career, passions, fears, past lives and more. Your reading can also focus on what is currently unfolding in your life (though transits, progressions and the solar return chart) and what will hold your attention over the coming months ahead. Better preparing you for opportunities or challenges that may lie around the corner. Readings cover major themes or specific topics. Birth date, time and location are required for this reading.

An Astrology reading is for you if...

  • You are seeking an in-depth cosmic breakdown of yourself and your life.

  • You desire a deeper understanding of your purpose and highest path in this life.

  • You want to be better prepared for what's ahead over the coming months or even year. 

  • You need to understand the "whys" behind current life events.

  • You are searching for guidance on how to navigate what's unfolding in this moment.

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