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Nicole is a natural astrologer. Her readings are very straightforward as she uses her astrological knowledge as well as her psychic ability to really tune in to a person and what is going on in their lives. Not only does she guide you through the experiences she sees for you but she also explains things very thoroughly and is very patient throughout the whole process. I always look forward to my readings with Nicole. They help me with what is going on in my life, which enables me to handle any situation with insight and preparedness! I highly recommend Nicole for a reading.  You will gain so much insight and clarity of yourself and what is going on in your life.


Thank you for working through my chart with me. My awareness has expanded through the work we did and I am addressing quite a bit. You did such a great job at revealing the intentions I had for the reading. Thank you again.


I am truly grateful for your reading and sharing of my chart. You have a special talent and are a gift to us all. There are so many people out there doing healing work and sometimes it can be cumbersome to find the right person to connect with. You are the real deal.


I have been coming to Nicole for astrology readings for several years. She has a soft-spoken and healing type presentation, so even when she is conveying aspects of a reading that I may not really want to hear, she delivers the information in a way that causes contemplation vs "chaos on the brain." I love the fact that she can do different kinds of charts and also blended readings. The combination helps pieces fall into place in such an amazing way. I highly recommend her!

D. Bressette

Nicole is not only fantastic but unbelievably accurate. She has been my go to reliable astrologist for four years now and I have referred everyone I know to her. She is to the point, accurate, and does not hesitate to go deep. There have been so many times over the years where I have went through shifts and I was needing clarity out of hopelessness and every time I get off of the phone with her my purpose feels restored because every word resonates. I cannot sing my praises enough about her. She has predicted break ups, advised me on my career (which has done very well for me), and helped me validate my low points so that I can better understand the lesson. What she does is not a gimmick, it is a sacred art and it shows.


Thank you so much Nicole for such wonderful, heart warming clarity. 


Everything you and I talked about all came through and I really have found a huge change in my own internal growth and I see that continuing. Thank you so much Nicole.


I have been spiritually consulting with Nicole for a couple of years now, and I trust her completely. Not only is she an expert astrologist but she is an incredible and compassionate intuitive. I highly recommend Nicole as an astrologer, reader, and person of good character as she accurately reads and also speaks the truth with sincerity. 


This is incredible, you were right. Thank you for giving me the courage to move and begin this brand new chapter in my life. I couldn't be more excited about what's ahead. Thank you! 


I have to tell you how spot on my reading was!!! There was not one thing that I could not identify with. So much, so right in all areas of my life. It was amazingly beautiful to me. Thank you!


Thank you so much for your insight into the inner workings of our relationship. I never knew astrology could reveal so much! Knowledge is power and in this case you have given us the power to understand our difficulties and appreciate our strengths. We can't thank you enough, I recommend this to any couple whether you are just starting out or have been married for decades.


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