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Aries Sun | My Way

Your Sun sign represents a specific energy you should get really good at mastering because we need you to be an authority on it. It's a cosmic promise you made and if you're not working towards fulfilling it requirements life will seem pretty dull. Your solar energy holds all of your planets together, giving them and you, a purpose.

As an Aries Sun ( March 21 - April 19 ) you were born into this life with an instinctual form of independence. This might manifest as an ego that’s in overdrive, but you need a massive amount of self-direction and freedom to accomplish certain goals this time around. Anyone that holds you back from your desires will most likely be met with anger as you are on a path of self-discovery that must be explored alone. The goal is to finish this life knowing you did it your way. Your passions and perspectives should be your number one priority. The universe wants you to live on the edge and to chase adventures. All those experiences that spark a degree of fear within you are serving the purpose of making you braver. Shying away from them will limit your potential. And what is your potential? Well, that’s for you to find out. You have all the makings of a leader. The one who blazes new trails and stands up to challenges. You can deal with conflict and might actually seek it out as it gives you an opportunity to test yourself against your opposition. Aries can conquer the world with a determined-to-win approach and the sky is the limit if you choose to chase after your dreams.

The Sun is a tool. You can use it for a happy life or use it to make a mess. With your solar energy sitting in the cardinal sign of Aries you can steamroll over anyone opposing what you stand for. Your blazing independence puts you at the center of the universe and at times this can come across as inconsiderate and selfish. Life is always super intense for the ram and you can go from slightly intense to incredibly extreme in seconds. So the goal is to take your passionate nature and channel it into assertive confidence; not raging domination.

Since you are quite motivated we'll likely find you front and center taking the initiative in most situations. While reaching the finish line isn’t necessarily your goal, you have the strength to start anything while the rest of us watch inspired. This lifetime is about developing courage and finding yourself though the challenges in life. Face your fears and you’ll go far.

The Sun is just one piece of your astrological profile. Want to know more?


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