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Cancer Sun In The Houses

The house your Sun is placed in will show which area of life your Cancer energy will shine the brightest. Houses describe the types of experiences that will support you in creating a healthy sense of self and reveal the areas that you must actively develop your solar energy in to feel the happiest.


You move through life guided by your intuition and emotions. You are a leader and the active, protective side of your Cancer energy will be noticed by many. You can anticipate the needs of others and possess a gift for nurturing those around you. Your path forward involves introspection and a deep connection to your inner world. Create boundaries between other’s needs and your necessary self-care. You can get lost in your desire to help those you love and feel responsible for their happiness. You have an important role to fill. One that is guided by your innate creativity and deep emotional world. You will shine the brightest when you can balance the highs and lows of your feelings while leading with compassion and care.


You require security, roots, and a solid home base. You possess talents that will help you to provide for yourself and others. You have an innate ability to perceive the needs of those around you. You can use your creativity and emotional depths to create stability within your world. Tuning into your intuition will guide you to the resources and skills needed for self-sufficiency. Your confidence comes from your ability to successfully nurture those people, pets and projects you value, but your energy will weaken if you try to be everything for everyone. Insecurities could have you doubting your ability to take on the game of life but facing fears and conquering self-doubt will help to develop strength and you will come to realize you can accomplish much.


You explore your world through communication, reading, writing, and acute observation. Learning is emotionally motivated, and you seek out those topics that call to your heart. You could have a talent for teaching and expressing ideas in an intuitive manner, knowing how to tune into the thoughts and needs of those around you. By blending perception with innate knowing you can anticipate the flow of conversations and thoughts. You can nurture ideas and help to expand minds. Your memory is based off feelings and you might carry around heart-centered conversations, past hurts, poetic words and important ideas for a lifetime. You are meant to seek out new ways of understanding yourself and you will shine the brightest when you can move beyond your comfort zone and explore where your imagination leads.


Home is where your heart is. You have a very deep inner world and your sense of self is colored by your childhood, family roots, and strong emotional bonds. You can be driven to create a home base, one that is filled with the people, pets or sentimental items that nourish your soul. Your confidence grows as you develop a solid sense of security. You are very private and thrive when you have inner peace and a sanctuary that enables you to retreat from the world when needed. Cancer energy is very nurturing, and you will shine the brightest when you are able to care for those things that you love the most whether that be within your home, career or your own creative heart.


You seek fun, pleasure, and creativity. As you follow your heart, you are guided to your purpose. You need an audience for whatever you create and take pride in your accomplishments. Children can be a central theme in your life and you may identify strongly with them. You are meant to connect with those activities that fill you up with happiness. Life is to be enjoyed, align with your passions and let love be your motivation. Because pleasure is such a driving force you can get swept away in emotions and lost in a world of unhealthy experiences. Embrace those activities that fill you up with positive vibes rather than lower your energy. You will shine the brightest when you can allow whatever is within your heart to grow. Creativity takes many forms and as long as nurture those things, people, or projects you love they will thrive and so will you.


Much of your energy is channeled into your routines, work, and service to others. You are committed to caring for those you love and will look out for the well-being of family, friends, pets, or even fortunate coworkers. You can create the ultimate to-do list and follow it up with action and direction. There is a drive here that can help you to accomplish any goal so long as you can move through the fear that comes from stepping out of your comfort zone. It is easy for you to become lost behind your responsibilities and forget about your own needs. You are here to grow and develop your own unique nature. To get good at a skill and offer it to others. You shine the brightest when you can embrace routines that honor your emotions and when you are able to connect to your inner world daily.


You will explore your world through partnerships. They are a mirror and offer an opportunity for you to learn more about who you are and what you need. Relationships of all kinds play an important role in your development but you could find yourself dependent on them. There is an energetic pull to constantly seek out companionship so strive for balance between your need for a partner and your own self-care. Relationships that prioritize compromise and balance are important, as demanding too much or giving too much will leave the connection weakened. The proper flow of give and take will allow your solar energy to strengthen. You will shine the brightest when harmonious, safe partnerships allow you to express your emotions and to explore your inner world.


Your sensitive nature runs very deep and you seek intensity within your connections. You bond strongly to those you love and your nurturing skills can be powerful and very protective. You are drawn to those topics most would shy away from and throughout your life you will want to explore the most hidden corners of yourself though sex, psychology, death, energy, power, money, and the occult. Meant to transform in this life you will come face to face with fears allowing for change to occur on many levels. Your strong intuition and desire to uncover the mysteries of life will lead you towards important experiences. Be honest and open with yourself. Running away from your soul’s need for self-discovery will limit your potential. You will shine the brightest when you feel safe to explore the deeper, more mysterious sides of life.


You strengthen your sense of self by expanding your knowledge. Your intuition guides you to new adventures, cultures, and perspectives that enable you to better understand your own nature. You are here to explore and connect to higher truths, new philosophies, and different traditions but you can also be very protective of your truths. Staying open to fresh perspectives assures there will always be something to new see. Creating movement and pushing through the fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone puts you on a path towards self-realization. Your strong, nurturing energy will come with you on your journeys and your global family tribe will grow throughout your life. You shine the brightest when you can allow your heart to lead you towards those experiences that expand your mind and when you can share all your well-earned knowledge with others.


You take charge in your life and have a calling to fulfill. Your sensitive heart can have you deeply invested in your career or role and your intuition is a gift used to navigate your path forward. You are seen by others to be a nurturer and protector and your watery energy allows for you to be tuned into the needs of the public. Your purpose finds you as you move through life and you possess gifts that need to be shared. You value success and can bring creativity and drive to whatever you are devoted too. Learn to work with your sensitivity and vulnerable nature which can sometimes feel threaten when in the public eye, as you shine the brightest when you are aligned with a career or purpose that allows you to lead while caring for others.


You are the leader in your group. The one that cares for others and supports their way forward. You bond deeply with your tribe and can be emotionally tied to your local community, humanitarian causes or those friends that become family. Long-term goals are important, and you can look ahead intuitively to see the best path. As you move through life you gain clarity around your priorities and what you would like to accomplish. Thinking too much about the future with no action can get you stuck so it is important to surround yourself with friends and like-minded people that will motivate you. You are a sensitive soul that seeks to connect with your peers. You will shine the brightest when you are surrounded by your “people” and can move towards a goal that supports and benefits others.


Your sensitivity rules you and it is important to have a sanctuary that offers you peaceful, meditative moments. This can come in many forms; creativity, music, reading, writing, breath work, spiritual practices…anything that frees you from the heaviness of life in a healthy way will be of benefit. You can get lost in your emotional world and could have trouble defining what feelings belong to you. You are a psychic sponge soaking up the energy around you, a strong connection to spirit along with practices that calm your mind and heart will help to keep you strong. Learn how to navigate your inner highs and lows and avoid trying to escape your emotions through zoning out, excessive drinking, drugs, or other addictive, unhealthy habits. Surrender to the flow of the universe, protect your energy, and take time to communicate with your soul.

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