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Cancer Sun | Fueled By Feelings

Your Sun sign represents a specific energy you should get really good at mastering because we need you to be an authority on it. It's a cosmic promise you made and if you're not working towards fulfilling it requirements life will seem pretty dull. Your solar energy holds all of your planets together, giving them and you, a purpose.

As a Cancer Sun you are heart-centered and need quiet time to explore your inner world. Feelings fuel your actions and you carry the energy of a healer. Those in need naturally gravitate towards your caring vibes. Trustworthy people rank high on your list of priorities and you thrive when you are surrounded by those you love. A home base that makes you feel secure enables your solar energy to shine and you value the rich rewards of a peaceful place that allows you to process your emotions.

When you were born you quickly realized that life is harsher than what your sensitive soul was meant for, so you built up a wall and hid behind shyness. Like the crab you need a shell to protect your inner softness and while this security allows for you to feel safe eventually you will outgrow your shell and need to move forward. Learning to embrace a more open and courageous attitude will help you from getting stuck in what feels comfortable. You can feel very vulnerable when you take risks and what is unknown can be perceived as dangerous. Connecting to your intuition will strengthen your already heightened psychic sensitivities and help you to move through these very real fears that can hold you back from fully living your life.

The Sun is a tool. You can use it for a happy, authentic life or use it to make a mess. With your solar energy in the sign of the mother you can get lost in your care for others and burn yourself out when you don’t allow others to return the love. This is another way you protect yourself from hurt. If you are so focused on others there is no time for you to put yourself out there. You hide behind the mask of the provider allowing you to stay safely in your role. Your watery heart needs deep connections though and there are important people you are meant to share things with. Showing your heart to someone can make you uncomfortable so you choose to just care for them instead. This is the challenge you have this time around. If you open up to life you will realize each step forward strengthens you from within.

Your emotions will always be deep and changeable but shutting them off to avoid their intensity blocks you from allowing your creative, healing gifts to flow. Let your heart stay open, develop your connection to spirit, and share your energy with others.

The Sun is just one piece of your astrological profile. Want to know more?


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