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Gemini Sun | Curiosity Calls

Your Sun sign represents a specific energy you should get really good at mastering because we need you to be an authority on it. It's a cosmic promise you made and if you're not working towards fulfilling it requirements life will seem pretty dull. Your solar energy holds all of your planets together, giving them and you, a purpose.

If you were born under a Gemini Sun you have a restless mind as a tool to discover something new about life on a regular basis. Your curiosity will take you far and as you learn about many different subjects you begin to teach others what you know. Communication forms your foundation, it’s the spark that fills up your soul. To the Gemini truth has versions and while some see this as flighty, it’s one of your gifts. By not being attached to fixed opinions or facts you’re able to explore the world freely. Open to all things unknown you move through your life with a fascination that has you gathering a wide variety of perspectives. Down the road you’re going to know a lot simply from the joy of learning and the more you know the more you share. Maintaining your open-minded approach keeps the information flowing to and from you. You become the go-to for your friends and family thanks to the wealth of information floating around in your sharp mind.

The Sun is a tool. You can use it to build a happy life or to make a mess. With your solar energy sitting in mutable Gemini you can run the risk of being too scattered. Living two lives at once will burn even you out after a while. Wanting to know about everything and everyone can have your eyes locked on your phone all day long as you research the latest topic that catches your attention. Being completely into 7 different ideas at once works just fine for you but narrowing your interests down just a little will help to channel your focus, IF the subject has enough facets to keep you interested of course. You also have the gift of proving a point by carefully selecting facts and twisting them in ways that suit your argument. Some will appreciate your creativity with words while others will wonder where honestly fits into your story. But hey you can’t please everyone.

The point is your life is meant to be eye-opening. Boredom will have you running for the door so if you’re not waking up everyday excited about what you might learn or share then it’s time to make some changes. Don’t be stagnate and don’t limit your mind’s potential. Your path is unknown this time around so let your desire to discover keep you moving forward.

The Sun is just one piece of your astrological profile. Want to know more?




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