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How To Master Moon Vibes, Everyday

The New and Full Moon are pretty common terms these days and for good reason. Life is always evolving. Even if each day seems similar to the one before you're not the same and neither is the cosmic energy influencing you. The Moon is incredibly powerful and constantly shifting the energy of our emotions. When it reaches a turning point, New or Full, we usually feel it. Life either has a fresh start or a needed ending, but what about all the days in between that seem to get lost. The hype disappears as quickly as it surfaced and we go back to our routines, yet the truth is the Moon is ALWAYS influencing you. Every. Single. Day. Spending about 2 1/2 days in each zodiac sign and moving through the whole zodiac wheel over a 28 day cycle, la luna takes us through a wide range of emotions and opportunities.

I live by the Moon and can predict down to the afternoon what my vibe is going to be like, but you can too, and I totally recommend it because a day infused with Leo energy will feel way different from a day when the moon is moving through Pisces. Aligning to this ebb and flow will put you in a place to hustle when the time is right and to step back when it is time to withdrawal. The result is living an empowered life attuned to the cosmic plan. So try it and discover that there is a rhythm to life and as you strengthen your connection to this energy the easier it will be to manifest your dreams, understand your moods, and supercharge your actions.

I've listed below the energies that the Moon is bringing to the table as it moves through each sign. This applies to everyone and is simply dependent on the it's location each day. With all zodiacal energies there are productive ways to use the lunar energy and of course the opposite, I've mentioned a few possible manifestations of each.


Intensity and action. A time for taking charge and getting things started. Focus on yourself more and have some fun. There's more energy in the air now and it's great for adventures, activities and good times. On a good day this is an opportunity to kick-start anything you're passionate about; at its worst an Aries Moon day can have you quick to anger and acting too selfish.


Get determined. This lunar energy is grounding and perfect for focusing on goals or investing energy into those things you love. Good meals, music, nature and quiet time allow you to simplify your time and appreciate the little things. On a good day this is an opportunity to slow down and pay attention to your priorities; at its worst a Taurus Moon day has you acting way lazy.


Communicate. Everyone becomes a little more social now. It's a time to discuss ideas, read and learn. Small talk has it's benefits and if you've been missing out on needed connection time this is when you should pick up the phone and chat. At its best a Gemini Moon day has you learning or sharing something new; at its worst you find yourself scatterbrained for a few days or lost in gossip.


Catching the feels. Sensitivity raises and you want to be connected to whatever feels safe and cozy. You also feel more driven to nurture the things you love whether that be your family, business or anything dear to you. On a good Cancer Moon day you're helping your favorite things flourish through love and attention; at its worst you withdrawal and get moody AF.


Fun please. There's a push to enjoy life more. To bring more color into your world through good times, romance, creativity and laughter. Seeking attention you pursue those things that help stand out. On a good Leo Moon day you live in the moment and follow your heart; at its worst you feel desperate for attention, post too many selfies, and get annoyed if your likes drop.


Hello productivity. You can get a lot done during this phase. It's a time to write a list and check the boxes. This lunar energy is pushing you to be efficient and committed to the necessary details of life. On a good Virgo Moon day you'll feel really accomplished; at its worst you'll realize there's a lot on your plate, anxiety will take over, and nothing will get done.


Let's all just get along. You can find yourself playing nice. Partnerships get special attention and you'll want another around to discuss ideas or just for companionship. On a good Libra Moon day you'll create beauty through your actions and feel happy to connect with others; at its worst you'll forget your priorities and give too much of yourself for the sake of peace.


The energy gets heavy. Everyone's way intense and things can feel significantly more serious. Passions take over and emotions can run away with you. On a good Scorpio Moon day you will deepen a bond with someone or get extra focused on your tasks at hand; at its worst you'll become obsessive about something or find yourself silently brooding because you can't calm down your feelings.


Road trips, new towns and new adventures call to you. Even trying a different coffee shop or watching a new documentary will help to embrace this expansive energy. Anything limiting your spontaneity could annoy you right now. At its best you'll laugh more and discover something new; at its worst a Sagittarius Moon day will have you bothering someone when the Sag self-righteousness kicks in.


You're so serious because sometimes life requires it. So many challenges but that's cool because right now you feel up for taking them on. You have goals after all and there's only one way to reach them. You might find yourself skipping out on plans as your long term ambitions feel more important. On a good Capricorn Moon day you'll make moves towards big dreams; at its worst negativity will consume your thoughts and you'll be no fun.


Be you and chill with your tribe. You could be drawn to like-minded people and feeling less emotional about life. Your online peeps can provide the perfect kind of unattached interaction.

A time to think outside of the box and try something new. On a good Aquarius day you'll make new friends from a totally different social circle and come up with some cool new ideas about life or your future; at its worst you'll rebel and burn some bridges.


No one's really sure what's going on and everyone's like, so sensitive. You want to escape how annoying life feels right now so maybe you're daydreaming or retreating. Getting lost in movies, art, romance, meditation or magical things will satisfy the spiritual vibes floating around. On a good Pisces Moon day you'll take advantage of your heightened intuition; at its worst you'll completely space out and not take responsibility for anything.

How do you know what sign the Moon is in??

There are plenty of great apps that will keep you updated with the Moon's location (I love Time Passages) but to get you started you can find the current Moon sign below. So try it for a month and see what you notice. Pretty soon you'll be Moon savvy and better prepared to make the most of each day.


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