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Pisces Sun | Floating Between Worlds

Your Sun sign represents a specific energy you should get really good at mastering because we need you to be an authority on it. It's a cosmic promise you made and if you're not working towards fulfilling it requirements life will seem pretty dull. Your solar energy holds all of your planets together, giving them and you, a purpose.

As a Pisces Sun you were given a vast inner world that calls to you constantly. Your rich imagination and deep emotions have you forever searching for ways to escape the harsh realities of life. A large part of your soul dwells in unseen worlds. With a direct link to consciousness, the more you strengthen the bridge between reality and god, the universe, or your inspiration the better. You must spend a good amount of time meditating and this isn't limited to sitting in silence. Anything that puts you in the moment and pulls you out of worry, stress or suffering will do.

A big part of your role as a Pisces Sun is to soften the world. To bring support, creativity and compassion to those you encounter. This is no small task and so you were given the gifts of empathy, creative inspiration and major psychic skills. As you connect to your unseen worlds you bring back beauty and a knowing that there is so much more to life. Being so sensitive gives you the ability to tune into those around you that are hurting. You truly feel their pain and in return offer them support and hope.

The Sun is a tool. You can use it for a happy, authentic life or use it to make a mess. With your solar energy in the mutable sign of sacrifice you can find yourself lost in an un-grounded world. One that has you looking at only the best within a situation. Giving every ounce of yourself to a fantasy because you see the potential. Your rose-colored glasses can be too dark and your hazy sense of reality can run you into trouble if you refuse to acknowledge what truly is. Being a martyr to save someone is a common calling for your watery sign if boundaries between you and others is not well defined. You are in this world but not of it and finding ways to escape is common. Addictions are common and spacing out or playing the victim are lower expressions of your energy. By not taking control of your life you are intentionally avoiding the work you have to do while here on earth.

You have great potential to inspire, support and guide those that have lost their way, but the choice is yours to take the path of service or of suffering. Connect to your deep spirituality and be a channel of loving wisdom for those that so dearly need your gifts.

The Sun is just one piece of your astrological profile. Want to know more?


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