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Pluto In Transit | When Everything Changes

Whenever you go through life-altering experiences where nothing is the same, you can usually count on transiting Pluto to be working its intense magic somewhere in your chart. Like most things in astrology, Pluto works through duality. Representing destruction, fears and struggle but also transformation, integration and wisdom. At its most basic function it’s here to encourage soul growth through deep experiences. Ruling over things such as the underworld and earthquakes it can similarly shake you to your core. Knowing when the planet of regeneration will make itself felt in your life gives you the power to better handle the major shifts that can come with these transits. Pluto brings new beginnings and offers you an opportunity to align with your truest path but before new ways can begin, old ways must end.

Most of us do not know how powerful we are till we have no other choice, nor do we want to visit the darker sides of ourselves to see what’s hidden there. The universe is so kind and doesn’t want you to float through life blissfully unaware of your deeper motives or never to evolve so it sends Pluto on a trip around your chart and once it hits a sensitive spot (natal planets, angles or nodes) your deep-rooted issues along with opportunities to claim your power rise to the surface. These blessings in disguise can manifest from within or through events in your outer world. Either way you are left with no choice but to surrender to what is and look directly at the lesson Pluto wants you to learn.

This planet doesn’t mess around and endings of all kinds are common. You will have to face fears head on to be released from their consuming grip. Courage is required because Pluto is intense to say the least. If there was ever a period in your life to trust in the “everything happens for a reason” philosophy, it would be during this transit. You're learning that you can experience your ultimate fears and survive. Becoming smarter and stronger because of it.

The type of transit doesn’t seem to matter too much as I have seen a challenging square and a harmonious trine cause equal chaos. If Pluto is moving through your 4th house squaring planets in your first expect a major change in your family life and identity. A transiting Pluto trine your Sun in the 7th can have a major relationship dissolve and completely alter your perspective of that person. Soft or hard aspects have the same outcome, everything is transformed. These lessons can take years to run their course especially if you have Pluto retrograding over a sensitive point. You can surely expect to revisit the same lesson you thought was behind you as a cosmic test to see if you’ve grown. If not, you’ll be sitting there wondering how you found yourself in the same place again.

Know with this upheaval comes an opportunity to experience the life you were meant to live. If you choose courage and face your fears directly, you'll transform weakness into wisdom, bring the unconscious to light, and realize that you’re much more powerful then you ever thought possible.


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