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The Progressed Moon & Your Evolving Emotions

I looooove the Progressed Moon. Your Natal Moon symbolizes emotions. It is the subjective part of your personality and describes those things that will make you the happiest. With your Progressed Moon you are now looking at your EVOLVING emotions. It illuminates the areas of life that you will feel most drawn to for about 2 ½ years. Your heart becomes engaged with a new focus and you can feel consumed with the sign and house it is moving through. While your basic needs, as described by the Natal Moon, form the emotional foundation you use throughout your life, you will go through periods of time where a new emotional chapter must begin and one of the ways astrology reflects this phase of growth is by the lunar progression.

For example, if your Progressed Moon moves into your 6th house you can suddenly feel an undeniable anxiety that a lifestyle change must take place. Perhaps you've neglected your well-being for too long, then one day you find yourself in the middle of a health crisis. Sent not as something to be feared but rather a wake-up call to shift your lifestyle, work or diet to something that is more aligned with your needs. A Progressed Moon moving though your 10th house could bring a change of career. Circumstances come about to shake you up and lead you towards your true calling. You might find yourself unexpectedly fired or just unhappy, then the most amazing opportunity could present itself and your progressed Moon asks that you embrace the change. A 12th house progression could be super difficult. You could find yourself questioning everything as many pieces of your life are taken away to make way for a brand new you. Knowing why it's occurring and that it will eventually end offers hope.

Understanding the movement of your Progressed Moon can open you up to flowing with the cosmic plan of your life. You will know what lessons you are meant to embrace, why your attention seems to have shifted to new areas and how to use any challenges for your ultimate growth. You'll come out of the 2 ½ year cycle happier and ready to take on the next stage with confidence.

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