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The Progressed Moon Through The Signs

The Progressed Moon shows your evolving emotions. It slowly travels around your chart taking about 28 years to complete a cycle. The sign your progressed Moon is moving through will tell you the type of energy you will be working with for about 2 - 3 years. It's an incredibly powerful influence and I ALWAYS cover it during any of my readings. To make the most of your current phase find out where the Progressed Moon (aka secondary directions) is in your chart and then read on...


You are coming out of a more empathetic, vulnerable chapter where you were learning to give up control. Life asked you to embrace a lesson and you had to surrender to the flow. Now your emotions have shifted and those areas that required compromise or sacrifice are now looked at with anger. You can feel the energy building beneath the surface and sooner than later your emotions will erupt to clear things from your path. Now is a time for directness. By letting go of fear, excuses and niceness you can take risks and embrace courage. These strong emotions will need an outlet so if you’re not directing them correctly you might end up unleashing on some innocent bystander. Impatience, restlessness and over-the-top reactions are likely so keep things in check. Be active and take charge of your life.


A progressed Taurus moon brings the need for rest. You recently went through a high-energy phase where you were acting more and thinking less but now is a time to be still. You are learning how to reconnect with your natural rhythms. Taurus needs security and stability, when you develop a daily routine you can start to relax with the certainty of knowing what the next day will bring. This is a phase of your life where you need to simplify. The world around you might not change much but your reaction to it should. Walking away from drama and those environments that push their way into your inner peace is a priority now. Seek silence, meditation, nature, music and pay attention to your body. Changes in diet that better honor your health and well-being will be beneficial. Careful to not overdo this quiet time with laziness or over-sleeping.


With a Gemini progressed moon you find yourself craving change. A restless energy brings the need to see life in a new way. You might change your residence, relationship, job or pick up a new hobby. What was restorative silence has now become boring and your mind starts seeking conversation, new people and new ideas. Life becomes busier as you begin to follow those things that feel exciting. If you decide to keep everything the same you’ll find yourself frustrated. Gemini is fueled by curiosity and now is the time to follow it and see where it takes you. You’re not meant to be super focused on one thing but spreading yourself too thin can cause burnout. Check in every now and then to make sure you’re not running circles. Wanting to move in too many directions all at once can keep you from moving forward.


Self-nurturing will go a long way during this progression. You need time to soul search and basically just sit with your emotions. Life can get hectic and energies can scatter but now you move towards a quieter period of your life where you are able process your inner world. Focus on the home is common and the more you invest in creating a safe, supportive space the easier it will be to handle the emotional highs and lows you will likely experience over the next couple years. You’ll find yourself caring for others more and wanting the same in return. Going overboard with emotions can lead you towards neediness or manipulation. You want affection but your heightened emotions can have you avoiding vulnerability. Know that opening yourself up more during this time helps others to better understand the roller coaster of feelings you’re experiencing now.


Find the courage to shine bright. This comes easy for some but for the rest of us it takes a push of will to put ourselves out there. During this phase you find yourself wanting more recognition. You just came through a more withdrawn time and now that feels confining. Now is the time to jump out and show the world what you’ve got. What are your passions? What’s the truest expression of who you are? Leo rules the heart and you are being asked during this progression to reveal what lies within you. Leave the sidelines and get into the game of life. Fun, romance and creativity are yours to have if you open up to living in the moment. Leo loves attention but this is a time for your heart to sing regardless of who’s watching. Be careful to not lose yourself to empty applause. Follow what sparks your soul and share that with others.


When your progressed Moon moves into Virgo all the fullness and satisfaction you felt before can flip into a hyper-awareness of all your shortcomings. Anxiety floods in and your to-do list grows. While your insecurities seem to take over during this time, it is actually an opportunity to make practical changes and grow into a better version of yourself. You can’t take on everything that’s bothering you but selecting a few important goals and slowly working towards them could pay off more than you realize. There is potential here for great change if you put the work in. Investing in your skills and abilities, finding ways to be of service to others and embracing a methodical approach to life are all ways to avoid the bottomless pit of self-criticism this progression can bring.


Partnership, balance and beauty become the focus now. Relationships are a way to open yourself up to different points of view and socializing with others brings needed perspectives. As you learn from others you get better at seeing opposing but equal sides. You also become more aware of your impact on others. Libra specializes in graceful behavior and you could find yourself becoming more accommodating to the people around you. Ruled by Venus, Libra likes to feel beautiful and some of your focus can turn to your appearance. From clothing to cosmetic changes, you could start to enhance your looks in some fashion. Balancing out the areas of life where you have given too much or not enough is necessary now. Chronic indecision can be the result of seeing both sides to any situation, best to just decide and get on with life.


Life pulls you into deep water during this progression. You find yourself withdrawing to process the shades of gray you seem to be experiencing. It becomes obvious that with life comes death, sadness and loss. You could very well experience these things directly and your inner world shifts to a darker energy. Life is painful but the goal of this time is to transform pain into power. Sometimes the only way we can move past our fears is to face them and a Scorpio progression puts your demons directly on your path. The way out is through so look directly at what’s haunting you, real or imagined, and confront it head on. Eventually you’ll come out on the other side wiser, stronger and free from the fears that were holding you back.


The dark clouds have passed and it’s a new day. Life becomes more intriguing now and you are out to roam new territory. It’s a welcomed breath of fresh air when you move from the ominous Scorpio energy to the optimistic Sagittarius perspective. Hopefully you were able to release some of those demons that were haunting you from your past and now life holds more promise. Adventure awaits and it’s time to be spontaneous. The world is a big place and you’re not weighed down by baggage anymore. Go seek everything different life has to offer. There are undiscovered possibilities for you and it’s time to create a new vision of what your life can be. Each day can hold the promise of something exciting if you embrace the unknown.


You are beginning to narrow your focus. The freedom from before becomes somewhat empty and you desire to accomplish something tangible. Delayed gratification doesn’t seem so awful as it moves you closer to reaching your goals and you begin to embrace a more mature approach to life. Motivation and discipline become priorities during this time and you start to feel the inner push to solidify your dreams. You want to get behind something you believe in and now is the time to work towards greatness. Solitude can allow for you to keep your eye on the prize. Responsibility can pick up in some area of your life and you might begin to feel weighed down if you take on too much. Do not neglect your emotions and check in every so often to make sure the path you are carving out is still aligned with your heart’s desires.


Time to rebel a little. You’ve spent the past few years following the rules and there’s a desire to embrace a more free-spirited approach to your life now. Aquarian energy is about being authentic and something within you wants to break out of the mold that has built up around you. If you find that there are just too many expectations on you that are limiting your natural expression this is the time you shake off the chains and start dancing to your own beat. You can be feisty and uncooperative during this progression if people start stepping on your freedom. You need to play by your own rules now and live according to your own inner compass. We should all be given the space to reveal who we truly are and to live an authentic life. Now is the time to embrace your inner weird. Make moves but be careful to not burn too many bridges.


A kind of haze can come over you. Lines blur and you start to feel called to the more spiritual, mystical side of life. Increased sensitivity or creativity can be the result of your strengthening connection to the unseen world around you. Now more than ever omens speak to you and your soul longs to merge with the mysterious. Your days start to feel more distracted and you can find yourself daydreaming more. What’s calling to you? Follow your intuition and the signs all around you. Everything’s connected and it becomes easier to see the thread now. Surrendering to the flow of life will be beneficial during this time. Embrace compassion for yourself and others. Meditate, embrace spirituality, and seek connection to the cosmos. Escaping too much from reality has consequences but balancing this world with the spiritual world will bring great gifts.


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