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Spiritual Essentials To Raise Your Energy

Spiritual self-care should be a priority in your life and these essentials clear stagnant or negative energy, raise your vibrations and empower your actions. Listed below are some of my favorites for adding a little magic to your day.

Smudging tools : #Smudging is an ancient ceremony that involves burning sacred herbs to clear or bless a space. It's practiced all over the world and is a powerful way to clear away heavy emotions.

White sage is probably the most common, and so, the most popular choice. This sacred plant has been used for hundreds of years to purify, bless and protect. Science has recently shown that burning white sage actually cleans bacteria from the air which is super cool. So healthier lungs and a higher vibe space. Hurray.

Palo Santo, meaning holy wood in Spanish, comes from South America. It helps to clear and ground your energy plus it smells amazing, like sweet wood. It supports meditation, calms nervousness and has therapeutic healing properties.

Cedar is a plant of protection and a powerful tool to use when first moving into a home as it clears unwanted energy and can protect a person or place from negativity.

Popular resins include copal, frankincense and myrrh. Each clear energy, help to increase your vibration, open your intuition and connect you to the spiritual realms. Burning small amounts on a piece of charcoal works well.

Smudging is a fairly simple process that involves lighting whatever herb you picked, then carrying it throughout the house, moving it around your meditative space or just around yourself. As long as you're spreading the smoke you'll accomplish the goal. When smudging yourself after a rough day or to get into a zenful place, start at the top of your head and work your way down while imagining all the bad vibes & tension moving through your feet into the earth. It's a great way to emotionally detox and ground your energy.

Candles: Candles are tools that focus your energy and empower your intentions by tapping into the elements of earth, air, fire, water or spirit. Each color aligns with a different intention and add a layer of energy to your rituals. If you are just getting started white candles are a great go-to and can be used for general goal setting, blessing, protecting or releasing.

Crystals: Little powerhouses of energy, #crystals are incredible for everything from calming your mind, to grounding your energy, opening your intuition, helping you to align your chakras, clearing blocks and more. Meditating with then, wearing them or putting them under your pillow are great ways to build a connection with your crystals.

Cards: #Tarot and Oracle cards are soooooo magical. If you don't have a deck get one. Some say that you must be gifted your first deck. I'll leave that for you to decide but in my opinion that's a limiting perspective and Spirit isn't going to punish you for finding & buying a deck you love. So do it. Tarot is very direct and to the point. #Oracle or angel cards are equally as direct but generally sweeter and more uplifting. Go with what resonates or use them both. Make it a daily practice to pull a card and watch them work their magic.

Astrology: Knowing at least the basic of your birth chart like your Sun, Moon and Rising sign are really beneficial for general self-awareness and great when things like Mercury Retrograde hit. I also recommend knowing what sign the Moon is in because there's no escaping lunar vibes.

So for my spiritual self-care newbies know that adding any of these tools into your day can shift your energy in profound ways, allowing for a more mindful, connected way of life.

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