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Taurus Sun | Serenity Please

Your Sun sign represents a specific energy you should get really good at mastering because we need you to be an authority on it. It's a cosmic promise you made and if you're not working towards fulfilling it requirements life will seem pretty dull. Your solar energy holds all of your planets together, giving them and you, a purpose.

As a Taurus Sun ( April 20 - May 20 ) you desire peace and to fully enjoy each moment. You have come to a place in your soul’s journey where it’s time to calm down and enjoy the simple, steady expressions of life. Silence is a necessary ingredient for you to thrive. It brings harmony and inner awareness. Your formula for success is putting yourself in natural environments that allow your soul to heal on a deep level, to trust in the flow of life and to seek out everything you consider pleasurable. You are meant to be self-contained in this life. Your independence can go unmatched and sometimes you get lost in your solitude. Establishing roots can bring a sense of security and you will find life to be sweeter if you surround yourself with dependable, trustworthy people. Touch is an important experience for you. Your very sensual energy has you longing for many different types of physical experiences. Swimming in the ocean, touching the grass, the experience of a good meal, listening to music, cuddling with your pet or embracing your partner are all ways that allow you to physically experience your world. You are blessed with a single-minded approach to the things you value because you’re not meant to waste anytime jumping around. Goals, important people, keep priorities in line and leave no room for the superficial.

The Sun is a tool. You can use it for a happy, authentic life or use it to make a mess. With your solar energy sitting is the fixed sign of Taurus you can become immovable. Knowing who you are and what you like is one of your strengths. Someone trying to push you in a direction that doesn’t feel right for you will be met with equal resistance but grasping on to life too tightly will cause you to become very limited. Security is important but when you start missing out on life and growth because your sense of safety might be put at risk, it’s time to reevaluate what you’re holding onto. Taurus doesn’t do reckless or quick but a slow coming to your senses will help you to take the blinders off. We are all meant to evolve in life, even the steady bull, so although it’ll be one glacier-paced step at a time make sure you’re still moving forward.

The Sun is just one piece of your astrological profile. Want to know more?


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