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All readings are via phone and by appointment only. 


$65  30 MINS

The past present future reading focuses on what is currently unfolding within your life (though transits, progressions, your solar return chart and tarot) as well as what will hold your attention over the coming months ahead. You will receive insight into the present moment and then be prepared for opportunities that may lie around the corner. General life themes or specific questions can be addressed. 


$150  1 HOUR

A relationship reading focuses on what each person is bringing into a partnership, your communication styles, emotional needs, potentials, challenges, and overall compatibility. This in-depth reading looks closely at each birth chart for synastry aspects and the composite chart. 


$120  1 HOUR

Your birth chart is one of the most important spiritual tools available to you.  This is a deeply insightful reading meant for self-discovery and personal development. Through the lens of astrology you will discover the unique design of your life. This in-depth, psychological study of your chart will take you through the different facets of your life experience. Self-realization is a life long journey and your birth chart is an indispensable tool that will guide to towards greater awareness and healing. 

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